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  • Desert Dog Bowl Bash 2006
    Pro pool skateboarding heats up the Valley of the Sun

    Rehab and Redemption
    When your number gets pulled, and you know it will, it's time to fight to get back on board.

    The Battle of Sickenberg
    A new tradition is initiated at the Wickenberg skatepark.

    Tempe Skatepark Opening Skaterock Jam
    A full afternoon of skateboarding and punk rock at Tempe's sweet new park.

    Pipe Dreams
    A tale of daring do deep uner the streets of Phoenix.

    365 Miles to Upland
    The 20 foot full pipe was calling my name. This old desert dog was feeling pipe fever once again.

    Three for the Road
    Road trippin' to Fonatana, Oja and Santa Barbara for some new skate terrain.

    Old School Skate Jam II
    For the second year in a row the old school heros came out to skate.

    The Memphis Marauder
    Brian Brannon goes downhilling to his (near) death, all for the want of a kiss.

    Passing the Torch
    Passing the love of skateboarding on to the next generation.

    How Alan Gelfand Almost Made Me Quit Skating (More Than Once)
    Do you have to learn the latest, greatest trick to have fun skating?

    Newberg, Oregon
    In a state with more than 69 skateparks, this is the one they are talking about.

    Reed Skatepark Opens
    Mesa AZ adds to the skating landscape.

    Last Stand at Little Buckeye
    The crew gathered together to ride the Buckeye pool off into the sunset.

    Hi n Dry in AZ
    Classic stories and lessons from an old desert skate dog.

    GPS for Skaters
    Use the governments own satellites to pinpoint the location of that nice pool.

    The City of Chandler, Arizona built what may be the gnarliest public skatepark in the USA.

    Steve Caballero Interveiw
    A native son of San Jose, Steve Caballero has left his mark on three decades of skateboarding. He began as a young grommet ripping skateparks in the late seventies, rose to the top of the vert heap in the eighties, and is quite an accomplished street skater in the nineties.

    Gleaming the Tube
    The steel, almost black, absorbed nearly all of the light, creating an eerie lack of shadows. A perfect skating surface, not too slick and not too rough, made for unreal thrusters going way beyond one's own threshold of sanity .

    Pool Safari!
    Hunters on the quest for the biggest and the best.

    2000 Skateboardwedo Productions