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    You might remember Sub Society from their tunes on various skate vids. This San Diego, California band has been around for about 12 years cranking out the tunes. Check out what they are up to now.

    Interview by Scott G. from Together

    Scott G: Who is Sub Society?

    Sub Society Hesh One: DDA, Stimy, Chris Valle & Hesh One were, and shall be, Sub Society. We channeled youthful energy and aggressive expression into music that we hoped other people could relate to. We made music with truth and integrity and I think that is why there is still an interest ten years later.

    Scott G: How did you all get together?

    Hesh One: Sub Society was already a band with DDA, Stimy and Chris when I joined in 1988. The sound quickly changed from breakneck punk to a metal/punk hybrid as the influence of Chris and I unfolded. Stimy kept true with honest punk lyrics but the music transformed and evolved as the band member's lives transformed.

    Scott G: Whats the story with the name?

    Hesh One: The band, the fans, the music... below the radar of mainstream culture -- sub-society. The name was already established when I joined but the idea transcends membership.

    Scott G: For those of us that haven't heard you describe your sound.

    Hesh One: Sub Society is a mixture of punk, metal and pop with positive and introspective lyrics about the human condition. Raw and unrefined yet easy to swallow.

    Scott G: What are some of your influences?

    Hesh One: All of the classic punk and early metal bands plus '80s rap and grunge for good measure.

    Scott G: I first found you guys in the H-street videos, and I believe a gullwing one. How did you land those slots? And do you think they played a huge part is your following?

    Hesh One: The skate video soundtracks were the biggest factor in the Sub Society fan base reaching beyond California. Worldwide distribution has led to unfathomed acclaim and recognition. We didn't make music so that people would like us or to create an enduring legend... but it's nice to know that our honest output has been sought after and enjoyed the world over so many years later. In the days of way back there were moments where we felt like the message and music weren't hitting the right ears but now I know that we  were unaware of the extent of our reach.

    Scott G: Do you guys skate? and if so who was or is your favorite skater?

    Hesh One: These days none of the Sub Society guys skate much. We work jobs, are married and some of us have kids like regular Generation-Xers -- none of us can afford to get hurt. All of us used to skate, some of us tooled around and others rode ramps and street, but we all had decks.

    Scott G: Speaking of skaters, Whack! is some of Sub Society and John Reeves. What was that like? and how did that come to be?

    Hesh One: JTMR and I grew up in the Mecca Land of Mira Mesa in San Diego, California. After Sub Society split (Stimy left to do Inch) John was a natural replacement -- he had filled in for Stimy on a couple of occassions in San Diego. Drummer Iron Mike was a Mecca Land native too so the chemistry was ripe with Chirs' heavy riffs and the back end of Mecca veterans. John, Mike and I all skated in the FSC clique with Kien Lieu and a young Willie Santos. The band played for two years but the kind of music wasn't popular until the late '90s -- after the band split.

    Scott G: I am sure you played with some great bands. Name a few, and tell us about the best show ever.

    Hesh One: Sub Society was lucky to play with G.B.H., 7 Seconds, Rollins Band, Seawead, Unwritten Law, Samiam, The Decendents, All, Mr. Bungle, Rocket From The Crypt, Pitchfork, Inside Out (Zach from RATM's band), Daddy Longleggs, Amenity and a bunch of other dope bands like Sprung Monkey, Olivelawn and too many to mention! The best show? All and Mr. Bungle at UCSD's Triton Pub were particularly great as were Rollins and G.B.H. at Iguana's in Tijuana, Mexico. All of the KSDT radio sessions were fun. Any show where we had fun was the best.

    Scott G:  What is sub society doing these days, now the band is no more?

    Hesh One: Stimy is a great singer/songwriter that continues to rock the San Diego scene. DDA is an expert piercer in Mission Beach with his own business and still beats the skins. Chris Valle works in a medical environment researching people with sleep apnea and continues to strum the guitar. Hesh One is a working graphic artist/musician (

    Scott G:  Any chance of new stuff?

    Hesh One: From Sub Society? Maybe... but not likely. If we could all get our shit together I think that the mature Sub Society could produce some good shit -- no joke. We'll see. We all talk and stuff but not all at once. Time is weird that way.

    Scott G:  Aside from the videos which I turned into cassette tapes the only Sub society music I ever found  to buy was the Relaxin 7 inch, Which I left in my car after doing my radio show. Sadly it warped. How can I get my hands on some of your music to do some full reviews? as well for every one that reads this to buy.

    Hesh One: All of the Sub Society 7"s and singles are available from MP3.COM on CD with limited artwork. Every CD has extra tracks and the demo tape that started it all is even posted there. Four albums and dozens of tracks spanning the entire four year run. If yer lucky you can get a Relaxin' 7" rom, the label that put it out in the early '90s.

    Scott G: In closing, is there any thing else you would like to cover?

    Hesh One: Big ups and much love to all of the Sub Society fans worldwide that keep the dream alive. Back in the day we didn't realize the impact that our music would have -- now we appreciate it. Thank you.

    Scott G: Thank you so much for this interview, it means so much to do this. Your music had a big influence on me. Take much care.

    Hesh One: Thank you for listening and sending this interview.

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