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    Skateboard Media
    Muerto Skateboards
    Juice Magazine
    Complete Thrasher Skaterock Comp Info
    Factory13 Experimental Skateboard Mfg.
    Concrete Disciples
    SkateDork zine
    Concussion Zine
    Solid Skate Longboard Shop
    Sidewalk Surfer Skate Shop


    AZPX Skateboards
    All high quality, fresh designs from O.G. Skatepunks. No Bullshit.

    Desert Pipes
    A site about the gnarliest terrain on earth from the official desert skate documentarian- PING!

    Shaved Neck - A Tucson Punk Archive
    Fliers, mp3's and photos from the early '80's Arizona punk scene.

    Glen E. Friedman Photography
    Glen documented what has become our history and our legacy. He was THERE when it all blew up
    This site has all the info you need to make a masterpiece in your practice room.

    The Origin of the Ollie
    Read how Alan "Ollie" Gelfand changed the world as we know it.
    Take yourself to school. This is an excellent site that will take you through all the steps to get a skatepark in your hood.
    Gotta give props to a site that that knows what it's all about.
    Check this site out then pack your skate for a road trip.
    Free Skate or Die download, band info and assorted randomness.

    Z-Boy's Web Site
    The Z-boys changed what was a surfers past time into a full-on street culture revolution.  This is where skate attitude started.

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