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    After we shoot them we bury them here.

    A Perfect Summer
    The summer when a 12 year old kid from England falls in love with skateboarding.

    Of Axes, Cacti and Rakes
    The trials and tribultaions of urban skate exploration.

    Weekday Warriors
    Screw the weekend; the crowds, the traffic, the lines. Take it to the weekday.

    Active Ingrediants
    The Active Ingrediants are a Bakersfield band to be reckoned with, playing fast and tight sounds in a pure skate-infused vein.

    Coloring Outside the Lines: A punk rock memoir
    Aimee Cooper's first hand account of falling into the Hollywood punk scene.

    Rice Wars
    Many educated and middle class citizens completely understand the irony of work, work, work, spend, spend, die.

    Karl Gustav Kroeppler
    Artist and Skater.

    SkateRock in Seattle
    The EMP Hey Punk skaterock extravaganza just gets better each year. This year there were more parks, more beer and more punk rock!

    Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum
    For centuries, sailors and skateboarders have appreciated the virtues of fine rum.

    Wentzl Ruml
    An original Z-Boys talks about what is was like then and what's going on now.

    The Briefs
    Straight out of Seattle and ready to conquer the punk universe. Wannabe punkers step aside; here come The Briefs.

    Twenty to Life
    The film that shows that style is never out of style.

    Duane Peters Blows Smoke Up Yer Ass
    Duane calls it like he sees it, as usual.

    McRad's Chuck Treece Defines SkateRock
    There is no one else out there that can match both the musical and skating achievements of Chuck.

    EMP Unleashes 2nd Annual "Hey Punk" Event
    Once again the place to be was in the shadow of the Space Needle for classic skaterock and vert skating action.

    Some Kind of Blood Drive
    X, The Damned, The Supersuckers and Zeke blow doors behind the Orange Curtain in Irvine, CA, for Halloween.

    T666 Interview
    Look out for the world domination plan from this Australian deathmetal band.

    Don Redondo's take on how big surf breaks, big skate pipes and fascist police all came together to inspire 3 bands.

    Wattspiel: The Mike Watt Interview
    Mr. Watt cuts loose on everything from skateboarding to Microsoft to touring.

    EMP Explores When Skate Met Punk
    Seattle's Experience Music Project immortalizes the period when skate met punk in a weekend of live music, exhibits and skating.
    Full coverage includes:

  • EMP Hey Punk Exhibit
  • Live Skate Rock
  • Seattle Center Skatepark Torn to Shreds!
  • Capturing Our History; Glen E. Friedman
  • Cranking the Monkeywrench with Tim Kerr
  • The Daggers Interview
    The cool band with the cool name are back in action.

    Ladyfest in Olympia Washington
    Girlz rock and skate in the Pacific Northwest.

    The Whitekaps Interview
    It's never just another day at the beach when the WhiteKaps are rolling in.

    Sub Society
    After providing tunes for a long list of skate videos Sub Society has deep roots in the skaterock landscape.

    Leek and the Bouncing Uptones
    A South African punk-ska-skate band that is ready to take on the world.

    South American Skaterock
    Ever wonder about skaterock in South America? Never fear my dear, it's alive, well and spreading like wildfire. Read and learn how the fire burns.

    Duane Peters Interview
    For all out mayhem and pure gnarlitude, you can't get any punker than Duane Peters. He's been at it now for almost three decades, proving his deservance of the title "Master of Disaster" with every ride.

    Take the Old School Test
    Confused about what class you are in? Take this test from the Professor of Skatetology.

    This new Swedish band proves there is a bright future for skaterock by cranking out inventive and sincere tunes.

    Milo proves that growing up and going to college doesn't have to kill your buzz for creating classic punk/pop.

    There is one word to describe Fugazi; integrity.

    SkateRock Goes Legit
    Skaterock inducted into the Seatle Experience Music Museum at a big ol' hotel pool in Colton.

    9 Volt - Swimming in Gasoline
    Redefining melodic rock.

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