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      Up and Coming SkateRock Bands

    The Obtruders
    The Boardlords
    The Hoosegow

    Last Action Zeros
    Frontside 5
    Common Enemy

    The Fakies
    Raising Hell
    The Briefs
    Hey bands, to get listed here you have to have a web site with at least one downloadable song on it and not suck.
      The Classics

    2 Worth  Las Vegas, NV
    Adam Bomb, guitarist from the Faction, keeps the skaterock flag flying in this punk outfit.
    ADV and Bomb Shelter

    9 Volt  San Diego, CA 
    Hard hitting and spare rock with memorable melodies.
    Photo MP3: Stupid Crash Records

    Against All Authority Miami, FL
    Politically inspired skate-punk-ska band with a D.I.Y. attutude.  They have horns and they still kick ass.

    Hopeless Records

    Agent Orange Encino, CA
    "Bloodstains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills, rich girls, fine wine..."  A longtime favorite among skaters, this power trio combines surf and punk into a driving original mix.
    Rhino Records

    Agression Oxnard, CA
    This classic skate-punk band mixed East Coast style hardcore with West Coast skatepunk energy and one of the coolest band logos of all time, a skeleton in a leather jacket getting patted down by the cops. 
    Web Site BYO/Mystic

    Big Boys Austin, Texas
    An incomparable Texan outfit from way back that mixed punk, funk and skating into a truly classic mix.
    Logo Moment/Enigma

    Blind Pride Long Island, NY
    Fast, tight, melodic hardcore skate punk.  They have show their dedication by recording several cool instrumentals while looking for a singer.

    The Boneless Ones  
    A mid 80's skatepunk band from the Bay Area.

    The Clay Wheels San Jose, CA
    Coming at ya from San Jose with all-time skatepunker Ray Stevens II at the throttle.
    Web Site 819 Records

    The Daggers Chicago, IL
    Named after on of the skate gangs in the movie Thrashin' that participated in skatejousts, this uncontrollable band has reformed and is in the process of making new music.

    Die Kruezen Milwaukee, WI
    Screaming out of the land of cows and beer with some very inventive hardcore and rock.
    Web Site Touch & Go

    Drunk Injuns  San Francisco, CA
    An aura of mystery surrounds these legendary early eighties skaterockers, some say they died in a plane crash in North Dakota, others say they were too punk to live and too tough to die.
    Deluxe Records

    eRnieS Winnenden, Germany
    Any band that records a "skate hymn" titled Hallelujah cements a spot in the SkateRock band list.

    The Faction  San Jose, CA
    Steve Caballero's first band from way back, also featured skater Gavin O'Brien on vocals.

    Formula One Snohomish, WA
    Sraight outta Seattle, Formula One rips it up with a tight live show of fast skate punk rock and roll.

    The Hunns Huntington Beach, Ca
    Duane Peters fronts another band that is punker than humanly possible. Remember, Hunns NEVER take any prisoners.
    Web Site  Disaster Records

    Hybrid Mutants Charleston, SC
    Like the screeching tires and instant jerk of a high powered hellride, Hybrid Mutant has landed.
    Web Site  LEM Records

    The Idiots San Francisco, CA
    You can't get more punk than this group without a prescription.

    Ill Repute Oxnard, CA
    After more than 16 releases since 1982 this band is still pumping out fast aggressive hardcore with positive messages.
    Edge Records

    JFA Huntington Beach CA
    Often considered the founders of the skaterock movement.  JFA is still going strong playing and skating pipes, pools and parks.
    Web Site | MP3: Only Live Once | Skateboard Anarchy Hurricane Records

    Leek and the Bouncing Uptones South Africa
    Skate-Punk-Ska from an anti-racists, pro-skateboarding tight unit.
    Web Site Article Croakroom Records

    Life Set Struggle Toledo, OH
    Straight-up high powered skatepunk.
    Web Site

    Lucky 7 San Diego, CA
    Fun, fast and melodic new school punk rockers.


    Master Plan Parkton, MD
    new schoolers, oh, they need to know / skating is more than some new trend / where'd ya' go my old school friends / where'd ya' go my old school friends

    Millencolin Orebro, Sweden
    Sweden's big-time skaterock stars are named after a skate trick and have a ramp in their studio.
    Web Site  Epitaph Records/Burning Heart

    Minor Threat Washington DC
    This influential group defined east coast hardcore for many.
    Web Site Dischord Records

    The Monkeywrench Austin, TX / Seattle, WA
    Prolific skaterocker Tim Kerr teams up with Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner to crank out hellfire and brimstone blues.

    Estrus Records

    Oppressed Logic Oakland, CA
    One of the Bay Areas most dedicated, hard working and pissed off punk bands.

    Overstrung Stockholm, Sweden
    This Swedish band's hard-driving harmonic guitar melodies and fast pace will keep your ears satisfied.

    Penfold Beaverton, OR
    This trio has been playing together since '93 and skating together since '89.
    Craptech Recordings

    Prime Evora, Portugal
    Since thier first release in 1995 Prime has been rocking shows across Portugal and the UK. Their heavy sound mixes a lot of musical styles.

    Recital Records

    Skatemaster Tate and the Concrete Crew  
    With a DJ, two rappers, and a guitar player this crew was way ahead of their time. Pure skatefunk.
    Deluxe Records

    The Skoundrelz Venice, CA
    Besides featuring Tony Alva, this band was on the Thrashin' soundtrack and played tons of memorable punk shows.
    Web Site 

    Slacktone Orange Co. CA
    Essential modern surf music for that "I live at the beach" feeling.
    Web Site  Go Boy Records

    Spermbirds Germany
    This German punk band had a skater on the cover of their first release and recorded the classic "My God Rides A Skateboard". 
    Web Site  

    Stalag 13  Oxnard, CA
    Mention the word "Nardcore and this skaterock group is sure to come up.
    Edge Records

    Suicidal Tendencies Santa Monica, CA
    Rising from the Dogtown/Santa Monica skatepunk scene, this band went on to international fame. 
    Web Site Side 1 Dummy Recordings

    T.S.O.L. Long Beach, CA
    One of the most intense live acts ever, they changed the face of punk music. 
    Web Site Epitath

    U.S. Bombs Huntington Beach CA
    Fronted by the Master of Disaster himself, Duane Peters, the U.S. Bombs started off strong and keep getting better with each album
     Photo Hellcat Records

    Van Buren Wheels  Phoenix, AZ
    Retro garage pop and psycedelica with a 90's twist.

    Wheel Boone, NC
    High Country hardcore at its C.O.L.D.est. These three board riders play fast, skate tuff, and out-drink your dad.
    Bent St. Records

    Whitekaps Huntington Beach, CA
    Southern Califonia surf/skate humorcore.
    Web Site Fearless Records

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